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Unless your name is Jesus

There is not one of us that does not need an ongoing work of 
sanctifiation in our lives, daily.

Genesis Relapse Specialist Counseling

-I offer private or group Genesis Process Recovery Counseling for anyone who wants  recovery from substance abuse, food addictions, sex addictions and many others as well as those who have experienced spiritual and physical abuse.

-You do not have to be a Christian to get counseling, but everyone will be screened to be sure this is the right recovery program for you.

-There is a sliding fee scale if you can not afford the minimum fee

-The commitment is once a week for of 1 hours, over approximately twelve weeks, plus about an hour of homework before the next session, and a verified support group commitment, such as AA, Celebrate Recovery, Church, or a regular Bible study group.

Genesis Counseling has over an 85% rate of successfully preventing relapse, even with the most difficult of cases. I have had the honor of helping many addicted and abused people find full recovery and see them restored to a healthy life.  To learn more click video link below 

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