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Unless your name is Jesus

There is not one of us that does not need an ongoing work of 
sanctifiation in our lives, daily.

A little bit about me...Alan Kern


I love the Word, I love waking up early, getting some hot coffee, and reading my Bible on the porch.  I remember the homes we have lived in by the porches I have read on; I think I was born on a stack of books.  There is nothing like a new morning and fresh revelation for that day.

 I have had the opportunity to plant my life and my family for the cause of Christ in three nations--the U.S., Canada, and South Africa.  I've been a die-hard street-preacher, a pioneer church planter, lead pastor, traveling evangelist, missionary, counselor, writer.  Mostly, I have been the husband of a passionate, beautiful woman, a father to four completely different, wonderful children, and Grandpa to three little grandsons and three granddaughters.   

There are plenty of opportunities to reach the broken here, broken by life's circumstances. I'm drawn to the down and outers, those who have been abused spiritually, physically, emotionally and those with addictions. I love the potential of Portland--the light shines better in darkness and Portland is spiritually dark. It's the Africa of the States to me.  South Africa is always on my heart and in my novels.  For now, I am looking to re-publish my first novel, "When Two Elephants Fight," and get going on a sequel. 

Looking forward to the future and excited about the direction He has been leading us.  Right now, that is a restoration ministry, as all recovery begins with spiritual restoration.  We are constantly challenging our own growth and guarding ourselves against religion.  I came into the church as a long-haired hippie and was radically saved.  At first I was a "Jesus hippie," and I thank God no one judged me before I got cleaned up on the outside.  I was hungry for the Gospel truth and needed acceptance and support to live it out.  


 At present, I offer individual, private counseling as a certified Genesis Relapse Prevention Specialist.